Become a driver in a group of thieves


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PAKO 2 is an isometric perspective driving game that challenges you to drive non-stop while you run away from the police inside huge open settings that are full of traffic and all kinds of obstacles. Your objective here: pick up groups of thieves and take them to a safe place.

Controls in PAKO 2 are simple: your vehicle always moves forward and depending on the area of the screen you click on, your car will turn left or right. If you click on both sides of the screen, you’ll brake. Also, on the lower part of the screen you’ll find the turbo button which recharges little by little.

To start off, you’ll only have two vehicles in your garage, a passenger car and a van, although you can unlock many more. Same thing happens with the settings. At the beginning you can only play in the city, but as you keep playing and earning money, you can unlock new settings.

PAKO 2 is a thrilling and super fun driving game that’s perfect if you’re looking for short rounds that last two or three minutes. The game also has an excellent soundtrack and visuals.
By Erika Okumura

Android 4.3 or greater is required